The Watch Book curates an exquisite collection of remarkable luxury watches with acute insights about their true worth.

People can't buy watches from manufacturers, and it is so difficult to find the prices of watches in other markets. We love watches and we wanted to help them.

Joe and Dave are friends who love watches. As enthusiasts, they share information and buy them, even sometimes together. One day Joe calls Dave and wonder why it is so hard to find the right price of watches, they decide to start a company to solve it. Dave gets inspiration from a magazine during his childhood in Italy about the price index of vehicles, he wants to provide that type of valuable insights for the luxury watches vertical. Joe wants to position the product as an industry journal for watches as well.

The Watch Book is a complete snapshot of curated luxury watches in the market.


Joe Kamali
David Sianes
Max Martinez
Emanuel Hakimi


The Watch Book
New York , NY
United States
+1 (646) 808-4563
New York

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